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Excite (stylized as excite) is a web portal launched in 1995 that provides a variety of content including news and weather, a metasearch engine, a web-based email, instant messaging, stock quotes, and a customizable user homepage. It is currently operated by IAC Applications (formerly Mindspark) of IAC, and Excite Networks. In the U.S., the main Excite site has long been a personal start page called My Excite. Excite also operates an e-mail service, although it is no longer open for new customers.

Mark shares his dreadful experience on sitejabber.com, "I have had an Excite email account for more than ten years. I have tolerated the various problems I have had with them. This is the final problem. Can't access my email, tells me my user name and password are incorrect or my account does not exist. Goodbye! Have had enough, going elsewhere. I would not recommend Excite."


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Former Employee - IP Coder says

"I applied for an IP coder job and after several months of waiting was approached with an opportunity. Pushed by the recruiter to quit my job before everything was set up with client. Purchased a new computer for job and left a good job and on my assigned first day of work the job was "no longer available" - tried to put me into another position that did not meet my needs. horrible bait and switch and they actually were angry with me for not taking a lesser position after my position disappeared. They blamed it on a manager leaving and I feel like I dodged a bullet, if a manager leaves with no notice, how good can the company be?"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company hires people to be contracted to hospitals. (Be wary.) However, they do not offer some of the traditional benefits as regular employers like paid vacation, sick time, etc. Their insurance coverages are rather expensive as well. At one point, I had three of their recruiters contact me for the exact same job. Some lack of coordination going on. I had to ask some questions multiple times before I got answers. One question, that was important to me, has not been answered now for over a month. This after we were in contact several times a day at one point."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Attack your character once you find out the truth by giving false information and will take the cheap way out with consultant"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You are only a dollar figure at Excite. They treat people, clients and employees alike as if they are a dollar figure, rather than a human being. Profits are way down and they cannot pay employees what they tell them they are going to pay them. Management finds ways to fire people based on reasons outside results and performance. The manager made me get him McDonald's, which made me a few minutes late. When I came in to the office with his food, he called me into his office and fired me."

Former Employee - Remote Inpatient Coder says

"Communication was almost nonexistent. No notice of client contract ending."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"working more than 40 hrs /week"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not sure about all these positive ratings on this site for this company... profits are way down, business development is beyond poor, just maintaining some clients they have had for some time. Everything is about the money with this company, will skimp out on quality candidates just to make a few more bucks. Room to advance is low because company doesn't seem to be growing and certainly won't hit their goals. Micromanagement to the fullest extent from supervisor and owner. Long days. Little holiday time. Lots of tedious, meaningless reports. Low base salary. Commission/bonus structure makes it hard to get paid. Product is below average and name not recognized. Not a bad job if you want to get into sales, but would recommend looking elsewhere because of bad pay, bonus availability, and competitors provide a MUCH MUCH better product. Good luck if you buy into their sales pitch, at least you will meet a couple good people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There was no real training program. I sat with one of the top recruiters in the company for 2 days and shadowed him, then was told to "start making the company money". There is no script for new starts to lean on, it's a total baptism by fire. After "training", you are thrown into the pit & expected to immediately compete with the top recruiters, some of which have been with the company for over 5 years. There is no formal performance review procedure either. There was a weekly one-on-one meeting with management for 10 minutes, and that was it. If you are performing poorly, they are not going to take you aside and have a conversation with you about "improving your numbers". When I was struggling & wanting to improve, I asked my immediate supervisor and senior-level recruiters in my office multiple times what I could do to improve, and every time I was told to "keep doing what I'm doing and the numbers will turn around". When I was ultimately let go, it was out of the blue. I was more upset with the fact it felt like they didn't even try to help me fix my struggles than I was at the fact of being let go."

Quality Assurance Lead Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Company cheated many out of our pay and the company treats your unfairly Never will work here again I hope they get things together worst company I ever worked for"

coder (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst place any coder could ever work!! They do not communicate, you are given no instruction on what the client really wants and if you ask the client to show you then your manager gets mad. They expect you to pick up the entire thing with literally 20 minutes of watching someone run through the program that they use, and you are not supposed to have any questions at all!!!! Absolute NIGHTMARE ….never should have even accepted the job as I wasn't thrilled with their unprofessional interview process...… LESSON LEARNED for sure!! Don't say I didn't warn you!!!!nothingmanagement sucks"

Coder (Former Employee) says

"You're nothing more than a dollar figure at Excite. They don't treat employees fairly, they will pay you x amount of money and charge the client 100% more then what they'll pay you. No PTO until working at least 6 months (which usually doesn't happen) and they'll try to avoid talking about PTO period. They don't have a lot of clients nor jobs available.NothingUnprofessional, lack of work, and relationship with clients, treats unfairly"

Remote Outpatient Coder (Former Employee) says

"No PTO offered to coders but, offered to other employees. Don’t believe me, ask them. Promise long term contracts, given only two weeks notice before contract was up.RemoteBenefits very expensive, no PTO"

IT Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Nothing really to look forward to except their paychecks that keep coming every Friday. Seem to be outdated with payroll system where you still have to login in an excel spread sheet with a pen."

Remote Medical Coder (Former Employee) says

"I was hired for a specific client. I had training, 100% auditing, all of that. Worked for the client for 5 months and they decided they didn't want me on the account any longer. Excite gives all the power to the client and does not offer any "back-up" or support of their employees. Also was not told there was no PTO or vacation time when I accepted the offer so I had to work other days in order to have Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Day off.Pay is goodNo PTO, holiday, and only get a raise if you do not take PTO."

Physician Documentation of Office Visits and Procedures (Former Employee) says

"this was my first recruiter hire I am grateful for this opportunity and have made coding contacts and friends to this day. My coding has taken on many projects since then"

Remote Inpatient Coder (Current Employee) says

"Remote opportunity with flexible scheduling depending on the client you are working for. Pay was pretty marketable in comparison and management team was very responsive to my needs.remotestability"

Jesper Jensen says

"Zero stars total darkness fake"

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